Jody started as a PT in the fitness industry in a big box gym over 20 years ago, after completing her business degree in 1998.
After working as a personal trainer in Perth and Singapore, Jody decided to add to her qualifications by completing a degree in Exercise Science.
This was followed by 10 years of work in the fitness industry, as well as injury management and health and well-being, experiencing various roles, including as an accredited exercise physiologist and a personal trainer.
It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child in 2014 that she launched her business MumaBubs, mum-focused group fitness, where children were welcome at sessions, after recognising a huge gap in the lack of information being provided to women on their motherhood journey and support to maintain their health, fitness and well-being safely and effectively.
Choosing to specialise and refine her skills in only working with mums, MumaBubs, which was worked on a part-time business while raising two young children, grew to support 100s of mums in the Perth northern coastal suburbs.
Jody confirmed her commitment to supporting mums by becoming a founder member of what is now known as MumSafe™️, a group of pre- and post-natal fitness professionals across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring safe and effective exercise for women at every stage of motherhood.
Recognising the desire to reach more mums at all stages of motherhood, and not just in the pregnancy and post-natal stages of their journey, Jody evolved her business in Body Empowerment with Jody in 2021, choosing to look after her clients in different and more personal way, focusing on small groups and personal coaching.
In 2022, Jody obtained her re-accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist, and after refreshing her clinical skills under the guidance of LifeCare HomeCare and 02 Active, she has returned to a full-time focus on her own business, continuing to follow her passion of supporting women at all stages of life, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.
She feels strongly about supporting women of the general population, who do not have access to government funding, other than Medicare, but still require the support, education, and guidance to rehabilitate and be guided with movement, exercise and lifestyle choices to live life to the fullest on their terms, and not that of their bodies.
With a keen interest in supporting women with PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, breast cancer and those transitioning to menopause, Jody is keen to continue to connect and collaborate with other practitioners who have an interest in women’s health.
As well as many other qualifications, she has completed a certification with COPE – Centre of Perinatal Excellence and is a Level 1 MumSafe Trainer™️.
Jody is committed to being part of a new generation of exercise physiologists and fitness professionals raising the standards of how women are looked after with movement and exercise, no matter what their age, fitness, or ability.