Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology & Exercise Science as a 4 year degree from QUT. In recent years, Daniel has worked within Allied Health services as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP). Working with sedentary/ chronic health clients wanting to improve their quality of life up to athletes competing in Australia’s highest sporting competitions. Daniel’s main areas of interest are within chronic pain & physiological diseases.

Prescribing exercise for conditions such as:

  • Chronic Low Back Pain

  • Chronic Postural & joint Issues

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Cardiac Health

  • Diabetes

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Daniel has worked closely with some of Australia’s top Physiotherapists with semi-professional AFL, Cricket, Soccer, Crossfit and Volleyball athletes. This involved exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, prehabilitation and physiotherapy based techniques.

Once Daniel finished working within the athletic population, he moved on to gain further experience prescribing exercise and rehabilitation management in the area of complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries here in Brisbane.

From there, Daniel started his first Exercise Physiology business in Brisbane working with a combination of chronic joint pain clients, athletes and gained further experience within Cardiac Health. He has since gained knowledge within the Corporate world of health, providing hearing assessments for Qantas & Health Checks for companies such as: Cromwell Property Group, ADCO Constructions and DHL

Daniel has since opened Connect Health & Fitness as an Exercise based Clinic. Many of his clients have suffered with chronic pain for so long they accept it as normal. With a few months of carefully planned programs, his clients start to experience a quality of life and feeling of well being, they thought was unattainable.

This is what motivates Daniel to be a health and wellness practitioner.