Adam Sadd

Adam Sadd

Navigating life’s challenges at different stages isn’t easy.

Whether you’re a tertiary student struggling with academic pressures, a young adult transitioning into the professional world, a mid-career professional balancing personal and professional lives, or a senior professional seeking clarity in complex roles, I’m here to support and guide you.

I’m Adam Sadd, and my mission is simple: To help you thrive at home and work.

As a Registered Psychologist, Coach, and seasoned professional, I offer a unique blend of therapeutic and practical techniques tailored to your individual journey.

In my therapy work, I hear that my clients are seeking:
– Practical tools and techniques.
– Improvement in their mood.
– Better techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
– Freedom from negative mindsets.
– A Psychologist who can support them to address their mental health challenges both at home and at work.

In short, they seek to return to good mental health and want to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

My approach in my therapy sessions is caring and supportive, practical and solutions-focused, current and future-focused. We touch on past issues where it may be helpful to gain insight into your current challenges. Counseling is focused around your goals – that way, we both know what we are working towards.

I also focus on my client’s strengths, with a belief that our skills and abilities aren’t a fixed set of traits but something that can be developed through effort and practice.

Why choose Uplift Psychology?

Personalised Approach: Every individual is unique. Your counselling or coaching will be tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

Warm and Accessible: My approach is friendly, relaxed, and inclusive. Let’s walk this journey together, forming a results-driven partnership.

Goal-Oriented: Seeking tangible outcomes? I focus on actionable steps to ensure you experience meaningful growth and results.

I offer free 15 minute online consultations, allowing us to meet and see if we’re the right fit for each other before you book an appointment.