How it works

The mission of Medical Mecca is to improve the health care experience for all Australians. We do this by providing a platform for individual providers to showcase their skills to the public so that they can attract the patients that their skill set is most likely to benefit. This allows the public to make more informed decisions on the health care providers that are going to suit their needs. This platform also allows referrers to refer directly with one another with the aim of reducing administrative load. Our goal is to improve all over efficiency in the stretched medical workforce so that the provider can have more time to focus on providing quality care to their patients.

For Patients

Medical Mecca is a simple user-friendly platform which allows perspective patients to find their desired health care provider. The health care provider signs up and creates a profile which outlines their profession, area of specialty, location, contact information, links so social media profiles and booking links. This allows the patient to search in the search bar using key words and matches them to the desired health care professional.

Example 1

Marion lives in Hoppers Crossing in Victoria and is looking for a Dietician who specialises in Vegan dietary requirements. She has consulted with nutritionists and dieticians in the past but hasn’t been able to find one with the in-depth knowledge that she is looking for. Celeste heads to Medical Mecca and in the search bar she types in the key words, ‘dietician’ ‘vegan’. The platform then produces a list of dieticians who specialise in this area of dietetics

Example 2

Celeste lives on a sheep station outside of Broken Hill in New South Wales. She has recently given birth and has just bought their new baby home. Celeste has started to notice some unusual behaviors within herself and is unsure what to do. Celeste heads to Medical Mecca and types in ‘post-natal’ ‘mental health’ and ‘telehealth’. The platform will then produce a list of health care professionals who specialise in this area of mental health who also offer telehealth services.

For Health Care Providers

Medical Mecca is a useful tool to direct patients to the correct health care provider. Medical Mecca has been designed by specialists working in the medical field so we know the pain and frustration caused when you have a patient book in to see you who you have to refer to someone else as you don’t have the required tools or specialty to treat them. The administrative load caused by this is demanding on your time as well as the time for your administration staff and can be frustrating for the patient involved. Medical Mecca has been designed to direct perspective patients to the right healthcare provider which improves efficiency as well as the patient-provider relationship. Medical Mecca also has a referring tool which allows health care providers refer to other health care providers who are on the platform quickly and easily. Now with telehealth services becoming commonplace we are no longer restricted to referring to specialists in our local area. Using the search tool you can quickly type in the key words that you are searching for and a list of providers
will appear. It is also a wonderful way to market yourself to other providers as it makes you easily visible to the wider medical community.
The referral pad is a user friendly referral system which will automatically load in your details and the details of the referee. All you need to do it add in basic patient information, type your referral and then click send. This will send a copy of the referral to the referee, the patient (if they request it) and to your admin staff so they can save it to the patients file for future reference. This referral is automatic and is not stored on our servers therefore patient information remains confidential.
We are working closely with current practice management software providers to improve the efficiency of this referral process.

Example 1

Marion comes to see you, her general practitioner, and wants advice on how to improve her dietary choices whilst still committing to her vegan lifestyle. Rather than referring her to the local dietician in the area who may not specialise in this area of dietetics or spend vital time searching on google for the right provider, you can head to Medical Mecca and search for this specialist in the search bar and refer to them directly via the online referral pad. This referral will them be send to the provider, the patient (if they request it) and to your administration email so the referral can be stored on the patients file for future reference.