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A national health services directory that helps patients access healthcare, and health professionals grow their practice

A national healthcare directory that benefits patients and health providers

Let’s be honest – there are a lot of healthcare directories out there. While these may be useful in locating a nearby medical clinic or service, they don’t allow patients to choose the best practitioner for their needs. 
In addition, most health directories promote the medical clinic or practice and there is no benefit for the individual health provider or an opportunity for them to make an individual offer to the public. Even if their details are listed, providers rely on a third party to keep the directory up to date. This means that if the provider changes location, adds to their skills, or changes their service provision, these changes are not reflected in the directory.
But Medical Mecca changes all of that. 

Our national healthcare directory enables health providers to build their own profiles to highlight their skills, experience and services. Providers own their profiles and can use them for the duration of their careers, ensuring that their details are always up-to-date no matter where they work. This can be a powerful marketing tool to help their ideal patients can find them.

But the benefit is not just for the providers. Patients searching for a healthcare professional can choose the best provider for them from an up-to-date health directory. Referrals to registered providers can be sent with a click of a button through our secure messaging system, which means all patient data is protected and the referral goes to the right provider the first time.

It’s a win for patients and a win for health providers.

Why Choose Medical Mecca

National Health services directory

A national health directory connecting patients and health providers across Australia, including telehealth options.




We are an Australian-owned and operated company and understand the unique health challenges of people living in Australia.


Safe and secure

We take privacy seriously. All information is encrypted and meets Australian standards for data protection and privacy.



Up-to-date directory

Directory listings are updated to ensure accurate service listings for patients seeking providers and health professionals needing to refer to other providers.

Supporting Health in Australia

At Medical Mecca we are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the Australian community. We are proud to offer financial support to initiatives aimed at improving health or access to healthcare across the country. If you would like funding and believe your initiative is in line with our goals, please submit a proposal to us at


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